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Bucks County Personal Injury

Suffering a Bucks County personal injury can be an exceptionally stressful experience. In the blink of an eye, you can find yourself unable to work or engage in favorite hobbies, with mounting medical bills and no way to pay them.

If you are injured in any kind of accident in the Eastern Pennsylvania area, contact the law firm of Perlstein Law today to see if you have a valid Bucks County injury lawsuit.
Is My Claim Valid?

A personal injury is any harm, be it physical or emotional, that directly results from the negligent or willful action of another party. Negligence encompasses any behavior that causes, or contributes to, an accident. For example, someone who runs a stop sign and hits a pedestrian has committed a negligent act, and may be legally responsible for any damages suffered by the injured party.

Proof of negligence, however, may not be enough to win an injury lawsuit in Bucks County. Determining legal responsibility can be complex. Only the experienced Bucks County personal injury lawyers of Perlstein Law can determine if an injury claim is valid.
Legal Liability

Generally, if someone involved in an accident was less careful than the other involved parties, then the less careful party is liable for at least part of the damages suffered by the others. However, in personal injury settlements in Bucks County, certain factors can affect liability:

Was the injured person legally on the property of another person or engaged in unexpected activity?
Was the injured party also careless?
If the negligent party was working for someone when the accident occurred, the employer may also be legally liable.
If a defective product causes an accident, the manufacturer and seller of the product are both liable.

What Are Bucks County Personal Injury Settlements?

Many personal injury lawsuits never reach a courtroom. In such cases, the parties often agree to a personal injury settlement in Bucks County, where:

The negligent party pays agreed upon damages to the injured party.
The injured party gives up the right to sue the negligent party in the future for injuries stemming from the incident.

Personal injury settlements can benefit everyone involved, or they can be exceptionally unfair to one party. Never accept an accident settlement without first consulting a qualified personal injury attorney from Perlstein Law.
Bucks County Injury

The Bucks County personal injury law firm of Paul M. Perlstein offers the combination of legal skill and individual attention that your case demands. Give us a call to discuss your legal problem and see why you deserve the professional service we can give you. Reach out to the Bucks County personal injury lawyers of Perlstein Law at 888-735-0446 or use our email form and contact us today.

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